2016 Conference – PRESENTATIONS

Training Class Presentations

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Headwinds of Rural Water Systems
Julia McCusker (CoBank)

Rural Development 2016 & the 1970 New Rural Development Regulations on Environmentals
Jane Patchin (USDA Rural Development)

Focus of SCDHEC’s New Office of Rural Water
Kyle Maurer (SCDHEC)

Agile Strategic Planning: A Source to Faucet Approach
Jeff Diaz (SJWD Water District)

Right Sizing Asset Management
Margaret McCarthy (Weston & Sampson)

Due Diligence & the Duty to Investigate & Liability for Negligent Acts & Omissions
Alex Shissias (The Shiassis Law Firm), Doug Kinard (SCDHEC) & John Fantry


Troubleshooting Pump & Motor Systems in the Field
Tim Herbert (A&W Electric)

Basic Concept of Pipe & Cable Tracing
Don Hager (Subsurface Instruments)

Getting What You Paid For: Intro to Site Supervision for New Construction Projects
Max Parrish (SCRWA)

Troubleshooting Conventional WTPs for High TOC & DBP Concentrations
Miles Galloway (The Wooten Company)

FEMA Public Assistance Grants, Pre & Post Emergency Preparedness Activities
Jeff Westbrook (Hydrostructures)

Why Electrical Preventative Maintenance is Essential to a Safe and Productive Workplace
Stephen Gillespie (Transworld Inc.)


Update on the SC Surface Water Assessment Model
John Boyer (CDM Smith) & Joe Gellici (SCDNR)

Groundwater Modeling in the SC Coastal Plain
Bruce Campbell (USGS) & Alex Butler (SCDNR)

Using Dendroclimatology for Water Resources Planning
Mike Caston (SJWD)

Saving Energy & Money; Improving your Water / WW System with Variable Frequency Drives
Joe Miglionico (Toshiba International Corporation)

Sealing your Wastewater Collection System & Reducing I&I
Jason Mathey (LMK Technologies)

Non-Revenue Water & Smart Network Metering
Tyler Moore (Ferguson Meter)


SCDHEC Compliance Efforts – Regulatory, Technical Assistance & Sanitary Surveys
Lindsey Bounds, Rick Hiers & Richard Welch (SCDHEC)