2018 DMS – Agenda



Thursday, February 22

10:00am             Skeet Shoot begins
12:00pm             Golf begins
2:00-5:00pm      Attendee Check-In/Registration
2:00-5:00pm      Exhibitor Check-In/Registration/Set-Up
4:00                     Hotel Check-In


  • Friday, February 23

    7:30am                         Check-In/Registration
    7:30-8:30am                Breakfast
    8:30am-12:00pm        Training Sessions
    12:00-1:15pm              Luncheon*
    1:30-4:45pm                Training Sessions
    5:00-7:00                      Social: Beer & Wine Tasting

  • Saturday, February 23

    7:30-8:30am                Breakfast
    8:30-11:30am              Special Session: Human                                                          Resources Law: The Facts from                                              an Expert with Mike Malone                                                  {Malone,Summers,Thompson,Ott}                                         (additional information below)

podium*KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Hope Mizzell, SC State Climatologist




Exact times to follow; sessions are subject to change.


The Importance of Rate Setting in Rural Water Systems
{Josh Fowler, SynTerra}

Unlocking the Keys to Public Utility Finance
{Michael Seezen, McNair Law Firm}

Covering Your Assets – How to Effectively Update your Capital Improvement Plan
{Gary Hartong, The Wooten Company}

Legislative Initiatives 2018 – Politics is Too Serious of a Matter to be Left to the Politicians
{Eddie Twilley, Twilley Fondren & Associates}

It’s All About Content: Taking Advantage of Communications to Improve Relationships
{Mike McGill, WaterPIO}

Technology & Cyber Security
{Steve Mears, CyberSolutions}

Workforce Development and Staffing through Industry Specific Apprenticeship Programs
{Carla Whitlock, Greenville Tech and Jill Miller, SCRWA}

LLR Initiatives – ABC Testing Improvements
{Molly Price, SC Board of Environmental Certification}

Water Utility Round Table
{Moderated by Jill Miller, SCRWA}



Human Resources Law: The Facts from an Expert
Not just what’s right, but what’s legal.

Mike Malone {Malone, Summers, Thompson & Ott}


mikeThe 2018 Decision Makers Summit is offering a dynamic feature session that Utility Managers & Governing Bodies should want to attend.

You will participate in interactive, eye-opening exercises that showcase real life business scenarios designed to get you thinking about what your preconceived notions are & whether they are correct, How would you & your Company respond? Are you prepared? What’s the legality of it all?

Scenarios run the gamut of Human Resources including hiring, firing, wages, proper time keeping & pay practices, disciplinary actions, benefits, professional interaction, harassment, general misconduct & more.

The end of the session will be reserved for the “Ask Mike Hour” where you can voice any questions and/or concerns you might have.

This is a session you can’t afford to miss!