2018 EXPO – Recap

Competition Winners

Meter Madness

1st Place: BJ Griffin, Lancaster County Water & Sewer District (45.41 seconds)

2nd Place: Jaques Crockett, City of Rock Hill (50.04 seconds)

3rd Place: Mike Hawkensen, City of Rock Hill (51.55 seconds)


Leak Repair

1st Place: Alex Ouzts, Greenwood CPW (40.33 seconds)

2nd Place: Rob Lemieux, Beaufort Jasper Water & Sewer Authority (41.61 seconds)

3rd Place:  Jacques Crockett, City of Rock Hill (50.47 seconds)





Backhoe Rodeo

1st Place: Tim Burrell, Spartanburg Water (24 seconds)

2nd Place: James Edwards, Spartanburg Water (32 seconds)

3rd Place:  Blake Babb, Laurens CPW (42 seconds)



Hydrant Hysteria

1st Place Team: Michael Billings and Manning Taylor, Lancaster County Water & Sewer District

2nd Place Team: Jacques Crockett and Frankie Wilson, City of Rock Hill

3rd Place Team: Brad Edwards and John Goff,  Grand Strand Water & Sewer Authority