2017 EXPO – Recap

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The 3rd Annual Expo was AWESOME!

We had 40 exhibitors and over 250 utility managers and operators onsite for the day. Everyone had a great time test-driving heavy machinery, competing with their peers for the 2017 competition titles and much more.

Good news for those who couldn’t attend this year…
we’ll be hosting the 4th Annual Expo in April 2018!
Stay tuned for the date to be announced.



Congratulations to our Competition Winners:


Backhoe Rodeo (Sponsored by Hills Equipment)

  • gold

    1st Place (31:31 seconds)
    Donnie Rogers
    SJWD Water District
  • silver (1)

    2nd Place (31.34 seconds)
    Zeb Ryan
    Edgefield County Water &  Sewer Authority
  • backhoe rodeo- 3rd place (P. Rickenbaker)

    3rd Place (34.87 seconds)
    Paul Rickenbaker
    Lancaster County W&S District

Line Tapping (Sponsored by Greenwood CPW)

line tapping- 1st place team


1st Place Team
Dorchester County Water Authority: Linda Evans, LD Spell & Joey Webster



Leak Repair (Sponsored by Fortiline)

  • gold

    1st Place (:38 seconds)
    John Boyter
    SJWD Water District
  • leak repair- 2nd place (B. Wright)

    2nd Place (:46 seconds)
    Billy Wright
    High Hills Water District

  • bronze

    3rd Place (:48 seconds)
    Will Landers
    Dacusville-Cedar Rock Water Co.

Meter Madness (Sponsored by Isle of Palms Water & Sewer Commission)

  • meter madness- 1st place (B. Griffin)
    1st Place (43:25 seconds)
    Bryan Griffin
    Lancaster County W&S District
  • meter madness- 2nd place (J. Brown)

    2nd Place (43:47 seconds)
    Jacori Brown
    City of Denmark

  • meter madness- 3rd place (J. Threatt)

    3rd Place (46:68 seconds)
    Jackson Threatt
    Lancaster County W&S District

Hydrant Hysteria (Sponsored by Mt. Pleasant Waterworks)

  • hydrant hysteria- 1st place team
    1st Place Team (3:00:62 minutes)
    Bryan Griffin & Jackson Threatt
    Lancaster County Water &  Sewer District
  • hydrant hysteria- 2nd place team
    2nd Place Team (3:24:26 minutes)
    Walter Price & Justin King
    McCormick County Water &  Sewer Authority

Operators Challenge (Sponsored by Jet-Vac Equipment Co.)

  • op. challenge- Rickenbaker & McGuire
    1st Place                                 2nd Place
    (1:15:00 minutes)                  (1:16:85 minutes)
    Paul  Rickenbaker                 Josh McGuire
    (pictured left)                        (pictured right)
    Lancaster County                  Valley Public
    W&S District                          Service Authority
  • op. challenge- 3rd place (J. Funderburk)
    3rd Place (1:24:18 minutes)
    Jessie Funderburk
    City of Rock Hill


Congratulations to Tommy Foster, with the City of Rock Hill,
on winning the boat donated by Southern Corrosion!

  • skiff winner



    southern corrosion primary logo color



View more pictures from Expo here.