Sourcewater Protection


Sourcewater Protection Program

The purpose of our sourcewater protection program is to assist in the development of a “grassroots,” stakeholder driven process with the ultimate goal of protecting the source of drinking water. By initiating a sourcewater protection program with the assistance of SCRWA, the utility or community work together to guarantee clean, abundant, drinking water at the source, which acts to reduce treatment costs, can help boost economic development and encourages community engagement and education.


An example of a typical sourcewater protection process includes:

  • Basic delineation of watershed/wellhead and identification of potential sources of contamination

  • Facilitation of community stakeholder group meetings

  • Development of mitigation strategies to address contamination concerns

  • Implementation of mitigation strategies, such as: public education and outreach, agricultural best management practices, community planning initiatives for protection of water quality, stormwater best management practices, etc.


 Sourcewater Protection Specialist

Nick Rubin  |  864-617-3169  |


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