Utility Billing Program

QS 1 (horiz)


Get State-of-the-Art Billing Software at Special SCRWA Member Prices

SCRWA has partnered with QS/1 for a tremendous member benefit that gives you the advantage of the industry’s leading billing system — with little to no upfront costs.

Backed by unequaled service and support, QS/1’s utility billing software provides comprehensive management of water, gas or electric utilities. Powerful, yet easy to use, QS/1 enables you to link meters to accounts, accept payments electronically via the internet, IVR or bank drafts and post them immediately.

The software can track work order history by account or location, as well as track specific types of work orders and the actions needed to complete the work order with user definable codes. It also allows you to conduct endless rate-code studies with robust reporting tools.

Utility Billing seamlessly integrates with other QS/1 software, including the Centralized Collections and Accounting Suite. Centralized Collections enables a government entity to receive payments from all systems whether they are utilities, property taxes or a combination of payments, and it also manages payments in any form while providing multiple levels of security. The Accounting Suite provides a total solution for your accounting needs.

QS/1 is headquartered in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and has been the state’s leading local government software supplier for decades.

To learn more about how the SCRWA-QS/1 software solution can benefit your utility, call 866.857.9570 or visit www.qs1.com/governmental

To contact Will Cauthen, SCRWA QS1 Customer Service Representative, visit

QS/1 Advantages

  • Available to SCRWA members at a special member rate with little to no upfront costs

  • Affordable monthly payments make board approval easier

  • Easy to learn and use

  • Real-time updates

  • Automatic payments online and by phone

  • Automatic daily backups of data

  • Access your data from any web-enabled PC

  • Bill printing and mailing service

  • Tracks work orders by accounts and locations

  • Tracks work orders by types and completion actions

  • Eliminates need for on-site servers and their ongoing maintenance

  • Integrates with QS/1’s Centralized Collections and Accounting Suite modules

  • Backed by the industry’s most dependable service and support