2019 Conference – PRESENTATIONS

Training Sessions

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AWIA Requirements – Karen Edwards-Lindsey (USEPA)

Digital Communications Toolbox – Shelly Howay and Shannon Farmer (Rural Water Impact)

* DOT Relocation Summary – Cedric Keitt (SCDOT) 

Master Planning for Success – Chuck Denson (City of Goose Creek)

USDA-RD Program Updates – Anne Mathis (USDA-RD)

We Are Different, We Are Alike – Lynne Lasalle (SCDHEC), Keely McMahan (CDBG), Eric Melaro (RIA)



The Importance of Buy-in for Safety – Marleicia Mister (SC811)

DHEC Update (Power Point 1) (Power Point 2) – Mary Ann Fuller & Richard Welch (SCDHEC)

Concrete Rehabilitation in Sewage Collection – Brian Huffman (Sherwin Williams)

Finding Lines Before Your Backhoe Does – Don Van Veldhuizen (USA Bluebook)

* Improve Water Quality: Large Water Main Cleaning – Ross Wattay (Mt. Pleasant Waterworks)

* Cross Connection Control Implementation – Steve Fox (SCDHEC)



Communicating PFAS in the Post-EPA Plan World – Mike McGill (Water PIO)

How We Are Creating 200,000 Source Water Protectors – Trey Burns (Anderson Regional Joint Water System)

GIS Beyond the Basics: Our System is Mapped. Now What? – Peter Thompson (Duncan-Parnell)

State Water Planning Update – Clay Duffie (Mt. Pleasant Waterworks)

* Improving Water System Operations – Richard Sanders (Zenner USA)

* Electric Pump & Motor Health – Ryan Ossman (Jenkins Electric)


* These are large files. If you are interested in viewing, please email Amy to request a copy.