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Friday, February 22

FEMA Recovery: Planning Now for Your Next Emergency – Brittany Kelly and Mary Lohman-Vargas (SC Emergency Management Division)

Labor, Licensing and Regulation Update – Molly Price (SC Board of Environmental Certification)

Keeping the Confidence: Public Communications, Notification & Engagement – Max Parrish (SCRWA)

Communicating Emerging Contaminants to Your Customers – Mike McGill (WaterPIO)

State Water Planning: Groundwater Advisory Committee, Planning Process Advisory Committee and River Basin Councils – Scott Willett (Anderson Regional Joint Water System), Clay Duffie (Mt. Pleasant Waterworks), Charlie Gray (Chesterfield County Rural Water) and Jill Miller (SCRWA)

Water Quality from 438 Thousand Feet – Eric Krueger (Nature Conservancy)

Covering Your &%#: Insurance and Cost Reduction Strategies Applicable to Property and Casualty Insurance for Utilities – Heather Kinard (Gallagher Insurance)

2CFR 200 Compliance and Other Must Do’s to Keep Your Utility Out of Trouble – Angie Mettlen (WK Dickson) 


Saturday, February 23

Ways to Increase Your Security, Liquidity and Yield on Cash and Cash Reserves – Danny Capital (Promontry Interfinancial Network)

Avoiding Retirement Pitfalls – Dan Watson (Cambridge Group)

Planning for the Future: Succession Planning and Culture – Mike Caston and Billy Cothran (SJWD Water District)