Apprenticeship Program


Program Highlights


  • Live and work anywhere in South Carolina

  • Have a career with job security by becoming an industry professional upon successful completion of the program

  • Choose between four career paths:
    ♦  Water Treatment Plant Operation Specialist

    ♦  Water Distribution Operation Specialist
    ♦  Wastewater Treatment Operation Specialist
    ♦  Wastewater Collection Operation Specialist

  • 2-year program

  • Employed as a full-time employee from the beginning, receive wages and benefits from the employer

  • Paired with a mentor/journeyman at place of employment that will oversee your on-the-job training

  • Participate in technical instruction training each month as you prepare for State licensing exams (one at the beginning of year 1, one at the end of year 1, and one at the end of year 2)

  • Upon program completion, receive a Certificate of Completion from the United States Department of Labor


Workforce Development Coordinator

Tara Friday  |  704.201.9588  |