Decision Makers Summit

Each winter, SCRWA’s Decision Makers Summit brings utility managers, board members and other key decision makers together for a day-and-a-half conference focused on networking and training, with a limited amount of exhibitors.

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  • Attendees have the opportunity to enjoy golf or shooting skeet on Thursday then attend training sessions on Friday and Saturday morning. Both a luncheon, with a keynote speaker, and an evening social are held on Friday.

    Training session topics for Decision Makers are chosen specifically to assist managers with what they need to know to run/improve their utility and how to handle issues that directly affect decisions made by their utility.

    Previous sessions have included the following topics:

    * Management of Tower Leases
    * Time Management
    * Financial Indicators for Water Systems
    * Cyber Security
    * Fraud and Embezzlement
    * Active Shooter Training
    * Columbia Flood of 2015


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