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Districts 3 & 4 Annual
Training & Shoot 


Friday, May 10, 2019


Rocky Knoll Sporting Clays
104 Milford Dairy Road | Abbeville


winning team



Congratulations to the winning team (pictured right): Calvin Smith and Russell Whitaker (Valley Public Service Authority), Steve Wilson (West Anderson Water District), Scott Wooten (Broadway Water & Sewerage District) and David Tyre (G. Ben Turnipseed Engineers).



loosing team



Better Luck Next Time to the loosing team (pictured left): Mike George (American Flow Control), Jimmy Ready and Wil Shaw (Ferguson), Hayden Brown (Starr-Iva Water & Sewer District) and Reggie Luper.






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pee dee



The Pee Dee District coordinates bimonthly training at locations around the Pee Dee region. For more information on the upcoming Pee Dee Rural Water Meeting please contact Charlie Gray at .



The 2019 Pee Dee Meetings are listed below:

  • October 24 – Shuler’s BBQ

  • December 5 – Marco Water