Emergency Assistance (SCWARN)

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Emergency AssistanceAs with every aspect of SCRWA, the Emergency Assistance Program is an on-site, technical assistance program that strives to provide utilities with the help that they need before, during and following an emergency. SCRWA field staff are available to assist utilities when they need it most and are trained in the National Incident Management System and Emergency Response Planning and Recovery.  SCRWA is an active member and supporter of the SCWARN program.

Emergency PreparednessSCRWA is available to provide utilities with assistance in the development of vulnerability assessments, emergency response plans and regional agency collaboration and drills. 

Emergency ResponseStaff at SCRWA will act as first responders in the case of an emergency to provide on-site emergency support, including evaluation of utility needs and resource delivery. View a list of our Staff here.



As an association, SCRWA promotes
(SC Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network) 
through active participation on the steering committee. In the event of an emergency, SCRWA will act as a supporting agency to SCWARN and SCEMD

There is no cost to become a member of SCWARN, however the Mutual Aid Network (download here) paperwork must be completed and returned to SCWARN before any assistance can begin


SCWARN is a network of utilities helping other utilities to:

  • Prepare for the next natural or man-made emergency

  • Organize response in accordance with NIMS & FEMA requirements

  • Share personnel and other resources statewide by agreement

Benefits to participating in SCWARN:

  • No cost to participate

  • No state or federal declaration required

  • Avoid federal and state bureaucracy

  • Increased planning and coordination

  • Enhance access to specialized resources

  • A single agreement provides access to all member utilities statewide

  • Ensures access to resources during an emergency without precontractual limitations or retainer fees

  • Expedites arrival of aid

  • Members have a pre-established relationship under which they are able to share resources during an emergency at the discretion of each participating agency

  • Is consistent with the National Incident Management System (NIMS)

  • Provides a list of emergency contacts and phone numbers

  • Reduces administrative conflicts

  • Agreement contains liability and worker’s compensation provisions to protect participating utilities and provides for reimbursement of costs, as needed

  • Avoid federal bureaucracy

  • Increases hope that recovery comes quickly

For more information or to become a member of SCWARN,
visit the 
website or download the brochure.