GIS Mapping Services

GIS Mapping Services


More and more GIS technology is becoming a necessary tool for day-to-day operation. Let SCRWA help you get your system up to speed on this important tool. Services we offer include:

**  GPS data creation services
**  Equipment training and rentals
**  On-site software assistance and training
**  Consultations and on-call technical assistance
**  Free data creation for qualified systems

We work with various firms and organizations to provide you with the best information and ideas for your geospatial needs. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

GPS Data Creation

Precision and accuracy are important when it comes to your data.  SCRWA offers data collection services catered to the needs of the rural water community.  We work with your field staff, engineers and managers to collect the best quality field data for your needs.  The result, a ready to go GIS tailored specifically to you.

Equipment Training and Rentals

No one knows your system better than you.  Let SCRWA help you help yourself with our GPS equipment rental program.  Rent, weekly or monthly, all the equipment and software you need to collect information on your system.

We will train the people who know your system best how to collect the GPS information that will make up the foundation of your GIS.  At the end of the day, just plug the equipment in and let SCRWA turn your field work into polished data.  

Pricing structure

♦  $450 per week
♦  $1500 per month

All rental agreements require a one day training on proper data collection and equipment use.

On-site Software Assistance and Training

Do you already have equipment and software but aren’t sure what you can do with it?  Have you recently had staff changes and need to get your new employees familiar with your GPS and GIS equipment and software?

Let SCRWA help.  We offer a daily low flat rate for training on the basic use of Trimble Handhelds, ArcGIS and ArcGIS Collector.  Looking for something more advanced?  Let us help you find a training partner that can provide the best possible experience and greatest return for you.

Consultations and On-call Technical Assistance

Not sure where to start?  Having technical difficulties?  SCRWA’s staff is on call to answer your question everyday.

A Low Cost (possibly FREE) Service

Think GIS services are outside of your budget?  Ask us about our free data creation services.  This program is available to our smallest water and wastewater systems.  Call us and see if you qualify!


GIS Specialist

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