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SCRWA’s total membership services more than 2 million residents around the state. That is why we strive to ensure that anyone who owns, leases, manages, operates or maintains any equipment, facilities, programs or properties relating to water or wastewater systems has the information they need to provide quality services to their customers.

Becoming a member allows you access to the knowledge and expertise of those involved in this industry nationwide. SCRWA offers on-site and personal service with all drinking water and wastewater needs. We can also help systems establish a sourcewater protection plan, assist with rate and sanitary surveys and help you stay knowledgeable and compliant with state and EPA requirements. 



SCRWA offers three types
of membership options:


SYSTEM MEMBERS consist of water districts, non-profit corporations, public authorities, towns and municipalities engaged in the treatment and distribution of water or collection and treatment of wastewater. Download the SYSTEM membership form here.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS are businesses or corporations that provide goods/services/materials/products to water and wastewater utilities. Download the ASSOCIATE membership form here.

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP is exclusively for those who have retired from the industry or who are not currently involved in the industry full-time, yet want to remain informed about the industry and association activities. Download the INDIVIDUAL membership form here.

For any questions regarding membership or to pay membership dues with a credit card,
contact Phyllis Peterson at 803.602.3676 or email