Legislative Advocacy(LACI)

scstatehouseLegislative Advocacy and Communication Initiative (LACI) 

The LACI program is an ongoing program that monitors, communicates and intervenes, when necessary, in regulatory and legislative matters that affect utilities statewide. This initiative is overseen by the legislative committee comprised of the SCRWA Executive Director and Board Members. These individuals work in conjunction with a local communications and monitoring firm in Columbia to actively represent the best interests of SCRWA members.



  • To sign up for LACI, download the brochurecomplete and return to SCRWA with payment.

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    Click here to make a financial contribution to LACI online.


As a member of LACI, you will receive ongoing communications, draft letters for you to send to local delegations and open lines of communications to better understand legislation that may impact you. We must stay informed and engaged to prevent disastrous legislation from being made into law. We encourage you to support this program monetarily and philosophically. Working together, we can make a positive difference for our organizations, towns and customers. Regulatory and legislative monitoring, plus communications and intervention are the most important functions of SCRWA. LACI membership helps to maximize the effectiveness of these efforts.

LACI member benefits include:

  • Weekly, written reports of legislative activities emailed to you when the legislature is in session

  • Written reports including possible impacts and comments relative to the prognosis of the bill

  • SCRWA representatives actively working on the floor of the House and Senate every day the legislature is in session

  • SCRWA representative attendance at all relative committee and sub-committee meetings in the House and  Senate

  • Weekly monitoring of regulatory and legislative activities year-round, along with written notifications and “heads up” emails relative to potentially high impact items

  • Early copies of draft legislation and an open opportunity to comment on the drafts

  • Direct access to the legislative committee chair for information, clarification or notification that a particular item is of concern

  • Phone calls and emergency emails with items of particular interest to members

  • LACI members can attend critical House and Senate hearings and meetings in Columbia as requested

 Specifically, LACI does the following: 

  • Represent – represent all SCRWA members in legislative and regulatory matters

  • Monitor – proactively monitor legislative and regulatory issues on a state and federal basis

  • Cooperate – actively work with other water and wastewater organizations, as appropriate

  • Communicate – provide two-way communications between SCRWA members, regulators and legislators

  • Interpret – interpret and clarify possible impact of legislative and regulatory issues to  members

  • Promote – advocate on behalf of all system members

  • Inform – inform members and regulators of issues and positions on specific matters of interest

  • React – proactively respond to the changing regulatory and legislative environment

  • Intervene – provide constructive input on matters affecting our members and industry

  • Compose – draft legislation or modifications to legislation, as appropriate