Mobile Apps

Water Operations and Compliance Appwater-operations-200x300

The NRWA operations app contains suite of functions designed to aid operations specialists in the water and waste water industry. The app includes calculators for pipe disinfection, filtration rates, detention time and other common water functions. It also includes an NRWA news feed and access to the NRWA on-line Resource Center.




Septic Insight

Get Insight on the function of your Septic System with this all-in-one app. Calculate a Septic Pumping Schedule, Size a Septic System, Perform a Septic System Assessment with the features in this app.




Effective Utility Management

This app contains assessment and benchmarking tools designed to assist utilities in effective management and sustainability. These tools work in conjunction with EUM and Sustainability training.


All of these apps are available on

  • google-play

  • apple-app-store



Go paperless with Canvas


NRWA has partnered with Canvas to provide a unique mobile application that allows utilities to enter forms and logs in a paperless, mobile environment. Click here to learn more about how you can make your utility paperless.