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The National Rural Water Association’s Rural Water Loan Fund (RWLF) was established under a grant from the USDA/RUS to provide financing to eligible utilities for pre-development costs associated with proposed water and wastewater projects. RWLF load funds can be used by water and wastewater systems for short term costs incurred for replacement equipment, small scale extension of services or other small capital projects that are not a part of your regular operations and maintenance.

Systems applying must be public entities. This includes municipalities, counties, special purpose districts, native American Tribes and corporations not operated for profit, including cooperatives with up to 10,000 population and rural areas with no population limits.

Eligible Projects

♦ Pre-development (planning) costs for infrastructure projects
♦ Replacement equipment, system upgrades, maintenance and small capital projects
♦ Energy efficiency projects to lower costs and improve system sustainability
♦ Disaster recovery or other emergency loans are available

Key Points

♦ Reasonable, below market interest rate (currently 3%) and a maximum repayment period of 10 years
♦ Straightforward application process and quick turnaround time (just a few days if documents are in order)

♦ Loan amounts may not exceed $100,000 or 75% of the total project cost, whichever is less
♦ Emergency loans are 90-day no interest, with immediate turn around on applications
♦ NRWA charges no administrative or processing fees
♦ Systems must be public entities (municipalities, counties, special purpose districts, Native American Tribes, nonprofit corporations and cooperatives) serving up to 10,000 persons, or in rural areas with no population limits