Training Class Descriptions




Asbestos Training

SCRWA offers both asbestos initial certification and recertification training courses. According to SC DHEC’s SC Regulation 61-86.1, asbestos certifications need to be renewed every 24 months from the date issued. The SCRWA asbestos recertification training course is an 8-hour, SC DHEC-approved training course, which includes both classroom and hands-on pipe cutting operations and product demonstrations.
**If certification lapses, additional training may be required.

For more information on asbestos and utility personnel training requirements, visit:
OSHA Safety and Health Regulations Related to Asbestos and/or
SC DHEC Asbestos Standard of Performance Regulations



Flagger Training

As of September 1, 2013, SCDOT mandated that if any employee’s job duties include “flagger,” that employee shall successfully complete a “flagger training” course. The SCRWA, SCDOT and SC National Safety Council-approved flagger training course consists of a 4-hour class with actual hands-on, field site, flagger applications.

For more information on flagger control and utility personnel training requirements, visit: Engineering Policy Guide Flagger Control Guidance and/ or DOT Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices



Confined Space

SCRWA has designed a tailor-made Confined Space program that deals directly with Water and Wastewater Utility Operators.  This program  includes a presentation of OSHA’s rules & regulations as they relate to Confined Space Entry.  There will also be hands-on equipment, that attendees will have access to and the ability to physically try out Confined Space Equipment such as tripods, safety harnesses, gas monitors, entry logs & fall arresters.


Trenching-Shoring / Competent Person Training


This program was developed specifically for the Water and Wastewater Utility Operator- focusing on the following:

  • Fundamentals of soil movement & dangers

  • Hazardous issues in and around the trench or excavation area

  • OSHA rules and regulations

  •  Trenching / shoring equipment including proper installation and removal techniques

  •  What are the duties, responsibilities and requirements to be a competent person


LOTOLockout-Tagout Training Program

This program offers a true insight in to the extreme dangers that water and wastewater operators deal with on a daily basis, such as which safety programs work and which ones don’t, how to implement and maintain an excellent Lockout-Tagout Program- including the importance of pre-planning and open communications prior to work and after work is completed.



Contact UsIf there are any system-specific requests for training or you would like to schedule an in-house training program customized to your utility’s needs, please contact SCRWA’s Training Coordinator, Tony DuBois at 704-968-9999 or