Utility Employee Badges

Customized Identification Badgesid-badge

SCRWA offers customized identification badges for its systems. Identification badges can include any or all of the following items:

Employee name

Employee picture

Employee title/job description

Employee’s years of service

Utility logo

Security entry bar code


Initial, one-time fee set-up: $50 

Basic Badge (no security strip): $15/badge 

Badge with magnetic security strip**: $15/badge  

Magnetic ID pocket holders: $5 each 

Arm band ID holders: $5 each 

Chain lanyards with adapter: $2 each


**For proximity badges, a security system should be operational onsite and employ either magnetic strip or bar scan capabilities. If your utility is interested in interlinking “secure entry” features with your existing SCADA system, contact your SCADA provider for procedural details. If no system is in place, SCRWA suggests consulting a SCADA provider before having your ID Badges produced.



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