Utility Employee Badges

Customized Identification Badgesid-badge

SCRWA offers customized identification badges for its systems. Identification badges can include any or all of the following items:

Employee name

Employee picture

Employee title

Employee’s years of service

Utility logo


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Initial, one-time fee set-up: $50 

Basic Badge (one sided): $15 per badge 

Basic Badge (two sided): $20 per badge 

Magnetic Badge Holder with Belt Clip: $5 each 

Arm Band ID Holder with Navy Elastic Band: $5 each 

Black Lanyard: $2 each

Double Strap/Clip: $2 each


PLEASE NOTE: Shipping Charges are not included in the prices above. Shipping starts at $4.00 and will not exceed $8.00 (regardless of how many badges you order).



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