Wastewater System Technical Assistance


Wastewater System Assistance

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Wastewater technical assistance is provided to communities and rural wastewater systems in the areas of: treatment; operation and maintenance; and compliance and finance through one-on-one, on-site technical assistance. SCRWA’s wastewater technician assists systems in complying with federal and state mandates, ensuring financial viability of the system and addressing wastewater related environmental challenges that affect the system. 


Examples of services provided through this program are:

  • Smoke Testing

  • Collection System Evaluations

  • Collection System Camera Video

  • Treatment Process Troubleshooting

  • Certification Exam Prep

  • Wastewater Rates Analysis

  • Budget Assistance

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Regulatory Agency Liaison

  • Policy and Procedure Development


Wastewater Technician

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