Water Utility Management Certification

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The Utility Management Certification Program is designed to enhance the financial, managerial and operational effectiveness of drinking water and wastewater systems across the country and to create a national designation for qualified, utility managers.

The demonstrated competency and effectiveness of utility managers will be enhanced and be of great value to the systems they manage. The national certification will lead to confidence by the utility managers, the utility governing bodies, the utility industry and all of the individuals who are provided service and products by the local water and wastewater utilities. The demonstrated competency and certification will give governing bodies of water and wastewater utilities a qualification certification and demonstrated competency standard for which to advertise and hire–which will lead to better utility management and compensation criteria for our industry. This certification will benefit, improve and further public health and environmental protection for utilities across the nation.

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Utility Management Certification Study Guide

A comprehensive manual has been developed as part of this course and comes with course registration or may be purchased separately.

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